The Freeland Conservation Club was established in the 1950s as a place where individuals could enjoy the sport of shooting and have fun outdoors. The club is a non-profit and contributes to local organizations that help to preserve our environment.

The club is run by a volunteer board of five individuals:

Steve Khol
Vice President
Joe Flynn
Membership Secretary
Howard Yingling
Mark Carter
Kyle Sparks

The Freeland Conservation Club hosts a few large shooting events throughout the year. The most notable are the Gentleman’s Cup and the Sighting in on Vision charity shoot. Proceeds from the Gentleman’s Cup help us to offer discounted shooting rates to the local school shooting teams that practice at our facility. The Sighting in on Vision charity shoot raises funds for Eversight, a non-profit that provides cornea transplants for free.

The club also hosts several corporate shoots throughout the year. If you would like more information about our corporate shooting events, check out our Corporate Events page!