Sporting Clays

Take a walk through the woods and enjoy our sporting clay course. We have a total of 12 stations where shooters can take aim at a total of 50 clays. Each station has two throwers (thrower A and B) that shooters can choose from. These throwers are fully automated and controlled by a remote at each of the stations.

We keep the course fresh by moving around the throwers and stations periodically to give shooters different perspectives. In addition to the standard throwers and clays, we have a station that throws a ‘rabbit’ clay that will roll on the ground!

There is a menu at each station that tells how to play. Each of these menus are optional. If you are working on your aim or are simply having a problem with a particular station, throw all As or all Bs. We like to see shooters having fun and seeing clays vanish more than score!

If you would like to play the course according to the menus, here are some tips. Reporting Pair means when you say PULL, your partner will launch the first clay. When they hear you shoot, they will then launch the second clay. A Reporting Pair A – B means throw clay A and as soon as you shoot, throw clay B. Another term you will see is True Pair. This is when both throwers launch the clays at the same time. You will need to be quick to get them both!

*Only 7.5, 8, or 9 shot may be used on the grounds and only two shells may be in the gun at any point in time. Both eye and ear protection must be worn when shooting.