Trap is a great way to either hone your current skills or develop them for future fun! At Freeland Conservation Club, we have a trap course that features five shooting stations with a thrower that will throw the clay at five different angles.

In this activity, shooters get 25 clays. They can either stay at the same station for all clays thrown, or mix it up and traverse the stations. You can either bring a group or go by yourself. We are prepared for both! Each station can be equipped with a voice mode to provide the easiest experience while shooting.

If you are new to shooting and would like to get in some practice, but don’t want the hassle of not knowing which position the clay will come out, let us know! We will set it up so it fires out of a single position so that you can tune in your aim.

*Only 7.5, 8, or 9 shot may be used on the grounds and only two shells may be in the gun at any point in time. Both eye and ear protection must be worn when shooting.