The Freeland Conservation Club has one of only three tiered 5-Stands in Michigan. In this activity, shooters take five clays at each of five stations. Surrounding the 5-stand, there are eight different throwers that give shooters many options to choose from! The benefit to our tiered system is that shooters can get five different perspectives on each of the eight throwers.

You can do this activity either on your own or with a group. Our controller is microphone enabled and can be set to listen for your PULL command. Each of the stations has a set of menu options that you can choose from. If you master one menu, try one of our more difficult ones. We have enough to keep you on your toes! In addition to the normal clays, one of our throwers is equipped with “minis”, which are clays that are 1/2 the size of a normal clay.

Our tiered 5-Stand has a roof over all of the stations, so it is perfect for rainy days! Whether you are new to shooting or have a monthly subscription for ammunition, 5-Stand is a great way to test your skills!

*Only 7.5, 8, or 9 shot may be used on the grounds and only two shells may be in the gun at any point in time. Both eye and ear protection must be worn when shooting.